Nathan Busenitz: Strange Fire “The Gift of Tongues”

Great lecture about the gift of tounges. Nathan Busenitz provides historic and biblical proof to show what the true meaning of the gift is and why this gift has ceased.

This lecture also refutes popular claims made by the charismatic movment in a biblical manner.

If anyone is interested in the true meaning of this gift and wants to know what the church fathers and reformers have to say to it should definitely watch this.

Nathan Busenitz: What Cessationism Is Not

by Nathan Busenitz (

Much ado has been made (both on this blog and elsewhere) about the recent “anti-cessationist” comments of a popular Seattle-based pastor. I don’t desire to enter a war of words, or become embroiled in an online controversy. But I do hope to make a helpful contribution to the conversation.

Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed investigating the historical record regarding the charismatic gifts, especially the gift of tongues. And I can only hope that the above pastor, and his co-author, will treat the material responsibly in their upcoming work on the subject. (Who knows, maybe they’d be open to a two-views book?)

I would also hope that, in the process of critiquing the cessationist position, the authors do not create a straw man version of cessationism. (I’ll admit that, based on what I’ve read so far, I’m afraid the straw man is already under construction.)

Nonetheless, in an effort to dismantle a fallacious misrepresentation before it is built, I offer the following four clarifications about what cessationism is not:

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1. Cessationism is not anti-supernatural, nor does it deny the possibility of miracles.

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