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The Plan of Salvation – B. B. Warfield (Short Review / Summary)

The Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyam (written in 1678, is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature,  has been translated into more than 200 languages, and has never been out of print. I assume you already know this piece of Art, which displays the truths of the gospel in an “adventurous form”, fully packed with bible verses and references to the bible. This book is “entertaining” and “food for thought” at once. This book again, I would recommend to every believer, because of its truths pointing directly to Christ. Also recommended as an audiobook)

Strange Fire – John MacArthur (A biblical based, theological – deep book on the subject cessationism. John MacArthur in his thoughtful way examines the “Charismatic /Pentecostal” movement in all its facades. Going through every single Gift of the Spirit, comparing the “modern gift” to the standard of biblical truth, leaving no room for false interpretations. But not just that, MacArthur also goes through history showing us how the early church, the Reformers and Puritans, looked at the matter. In so doing, proving, that these “new gifts” are truly not the same as they are pictured in the Holy Bible. The Third part of the book, after exposing the counterfeit, is about the true work of the Holy Spirit, the Illumination, Regeneration, in-dwelling, assurance, conviction, comfort  and sanctifying enablement, to give God the holy spirit the honor that he deserves. I highly recommend this book to every believer because of the confusion going on today in evangelicalism.
“It is the time to stand up for biblical truth and the honor of our God, not pushing God the Holy Spirit aside, and watching silently, how he is dishonored, by adding works to Him, he did not do.” – Personal Note)

A Simple Way to Pray – Martin Luther (The great Reformer Martin Luther, writing to a friend of his, a barber, a short booklet on “how to pray”. Luther in his meek way, explains how he himself usually prays. Expounding on “The Lords Prayer” and “The Ten Commandments”, Luther sets up a way to pray the scriptures and pour out ones heart at once.) – Coram Deo.

The Gospel According to Jesus – John MacArthur (This classic, the first edition was published in 1988, is about the message Jesus proclaims in the four gospels. John nicely expounds the parables of Jesus Christ by analyzing the context and it’s historical background. But not just that, he also goes through Jesus’ evangelistic approach: not searching for fans that clap and cheer for miracles but people that would take up their cross and follow him. Throughout the book a clear distinction between, people that profess to be Christians and people that are Christians, is made. But to summarize all this, it is about the simple, profound and so much needed truth of the Lordship of Christ, the beauty and majesty of “Jesus is Lord”. You really need to read it for yourself.)

The Attributes of God – A. W. Pink (In this 120 pages short book, Arthur takes a close look at the attributes of God, starting at the Solitariness of God, over the Immutability of God and ending at the Contemplation of God, with many more in the middle. This book provides thought provoking truths, of he majesty of God, to contemplate and think deeply about. If you have never studied the attributes of God [and even if you did], do yourself a favor and get this book. Steven Lawson for instance read this book twelve times. I personally will be going for the second round soon, because we as humans tend to forget about the highness of God so fast.

The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Steven Lawson (A physician by training, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, with his exposition of God’s Word in the 20th century, set a new standard for passionate and faithful preaching. Lloyd-Jones could be called a Puritan of the 20th century. Fighting against liberalism and “seeker sensitive” theology, the doctor held to his convictions, boldly speaking and teaching the word of God. This book is a nice biography of the life and especially the preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

The Power of Integrity – John MacArthur (Another Book published by John in the 90’s, this book greatly explains the need for Christian men and women to live a consistent life of integrity, not compromising for the sake of the world. John gives us a biblical example, taking Paul and Daniel as an paradigm, you will start to see the struggle of how hard it is for our culture to speak and act without compromise. Explore the lacking trait of Integrity in this biblical founded book.)

Religious Affections: How Man’s Will Affects His Character Before God – Jonathan Edwards (Wonderful book on examining one’s own motives, inclinations, sinful habits and feelings. This work could truly only come from Jonathan Edwards, the great Philosophical Theologian. Being known for critically analyzing himself.
In today’s evangelicalism, there is a lot of confusion going on concerning feelings and religion, on the one hand there are the “Emotional Fanatics” and on the other side  “Stoicism”, this book will safely guide you on the narrow way, finding a balance.I personally listend to this book as an audio version (12 hours.))

He is there and he is not Silent – Francis Schaeffer (Very Apologetic and logical book on the subject, “Is there a God and if yes, how must he be”. Francis Schaffer argues in a somehow special way, I would compare it a litte to Ravy Zacharias, to give a modern example. Francis writes about the practical implications of all the other worldviews that try to make sense out of things, following their logical conclusions – into utter meaninglessness, ending at the only reasonable and satisfying answer, there must be a God and he must be personal – He is there and He is not Silent.)

Evangelical White Lies – Mike Abendroth (Always biblical, always controversial, always in that order. The slogan of Mike Abendroth’s podcast (NoCo Radio) nicely reflects what is presented here in his book. A biblically grounded book on popular white lies in the evangelical realm. Things like, “You can live the Gospel”, “Bible characters are a perfect model for morality”, “Work is a means to an end (strictly secular)” … quickly go floating out of the windows to make space for the truth presented here in this book. This is my favorite reading this year, “Book of the year 2016”. Great subject. Great author. Great book.)

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