Teaching Series Suggestions

Heroes of the Christian Faith – R. C. Sproul (This free series looks at brave men throughout history, that fought for the christian faith. Dr. Sproul, in this 10-Part series, includes some of the Church Fathers [Polycarp, Anthanatius, Augustine], Reformers [Martin Luther,  John Calvin], Puritans [Johnathan Edwards] and the great philosopher Thomas Aquinas [also known as “Doctor Angelicus”]. I recommend this series to everyone, searching for a very brief overview concerning Church History; and seeks to draw a line between the Apostles’ teaching and reformed theology today.)

Handout Apologetics – John Gersner (14-part, free teaching series, on the subject Apologetics. John Gersner, a brilliant man, especially when it comes to the topic “logic”. This course covers: Natural Theology, Reasons against Apologetics [he answers the critics], Apologetics and the Bible, and,  Apologetics and Christ. This series is also suited for people, that are new to the subject of apologetics.)

Ecclesiastes – R. C. Sproul (As the title says, it is about the book “Ecclesiastes” found in the Bible. It is an in-depth study, looking at “live under the sun” and “live under heaven”, as proclaimed in God’s Word. Listen to R. C. Sproul exposit this book in a free, short, 4-5 lecture series, and leave with a lasting impression. [Also available at the Ligonier- App, here and here].

Defending your Faith – R. C. Sproul (12 hour [32 lectures] course on the subject of apologetics. This theological bomb of truth and logic is mind blowing. R. C. Sproul explains every single detail of rational thought and how we conceive the world. He answers the critics with pure rationality, leaving no room for inconsistency. Here are some names of the lectures to give you an impression: “Reliability and Sense perception”, “Self-Existence”, “Aquinas vs. Kant”, “Vanity of Vanity”, “Contradiction and Paradox”, “God of the Bible vs. God of philosophy”, “Law of Contradiction” … . Listening to this, reminds me of Romans 12:2. “A must listen to!”, especially for someone that is not familiar with the subject of apologetics. Also available here)

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