Horton, Jones, and Sproul: Questions & Answers

Michael Horton, Peter Jones, and R.C. Sproul answer questions about the church.

Video Outline:
00:0001:47 Can you explain the etymological origin of the term sixburgh
01:4706:52 I come from an Arminian background and have now to understand and embrace the doctrine of grace. This has caused hostility from my spouse. How do I handle this?
06:5211:07 Psalm 11:5 says God hates sinners. How can we reconcile that to John 3:16?
11:0718:47 I get confused at the mixed messages—one regarding the sovereignty of God and the other about man’s responsibility.
18:4724:07 What is the roll of the church to educate its members for the gnostic and paganism problem, especially equipping the younger generation?
24:0729:57 What is the movement against the organic church? Are they against institutionalized church? What is the difference between this and home church?
29:5736:03 If Jesus is 100% human and tempted in every way we were, does that mean he inherited a fallen nature from the fall?
36:0337:42 Christ is called the second Adam and his actions only affect those that believe, yet the first Adam’s actions affected all of humanity. Explain the difference.
37:4242:15 Could one of you explain covenant theology in its simplest form?
42:1543:43 Are there some books you can recommend on this subject?
43:4347:48 Is reading my Bible once or twice a week enough?
47:4854:18 Please explain the Manhattan Declaration and why John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul and others have not signed it?
54:1859:28 High school members that are here would like to know what to do if they have a pastor that falls under the definition of a Christless Christian.