Unpopular the Movie

Short evangelistic Movie by RedGraceMedia.
A Resource for the Church;
A Message for the World


G3 Conference: The Church Q&A General Session


Great Q&A Session with David Miller, Tim Challies, Steven Lawson, Conrad Mbewe, John Snyder, Todd Friel and Josh Buice, with questions ranging from “What are marks of a true Church” to “The Doctrine of Grace (Calvinism) in the Church today”.

Stephen Nichols: Those Who Are Called: The Effectual Work of the Holy Spirit

Salvation is the sovereign work of the triune God. His grace planned it all and accomplishes it all. Even more, through His grace, the Holy Spirit ensures that all the elect will come to Christ through faith and repentance. This session will explain the role of the Holy Spirit in effectual calling and regeneration.