John McArthur: The Complexity of Divine Love

Great sermon by John MacArthur. He starts off with a small introduction about the love we should meet someone with and thenĀ informs us about the common grace of God. He then swings over to the magnificent and everlasting love the Lord has for his chosen sheep. Scriptures out of the Old and New Testament are used as an Illustration. This sermon is as always packed with biblical insight and knowledge. A must-watch for Christians searching for the biblical truth of God’s saving love.

Bibleverses used in this sermon:

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Stephen Nichols: Those Who Are Called: The Effectual Work of the Holy Spirit

Salvation is the sovereign work of the triune God. His grace planned it all and accomplishes it all. Even more, through His grace, the Holy Spirit ensures that all the elect will come to Christ through faith and repentance. This session will explain the role of the Holy Spirit in effectual calling and regeneration.

R.C. Sproul: Free Will and Divine Sovereignty

Lecture 2, Free Will and Divine Sovereignty :

Some well-meaning pastors have tried to explain that within God’s sovereignty, there is a place where He chooses not to exercise His power. That place, according to some, is man’s free will. That explanation simply won’t do. So how do we understand the relationship between free will and divine sovereignty? Considering this in this message, Dr. Sproul warns us of some of the errors created when people try to explain the mysterious relationship of “Free Will and Divine Sovereignty.”