R. C. Sproul: Question and Answer Session


01:50 In Psalm 18, David said, “The Lord dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands he rewarded me.” Was David there making the case for salvation by works?

02:30 I heard you take exception to the bumper sticker saying, “God says it, I believe it, that settles it.” Can you explain what is wrong with this?

02:54 What does God want most from us?

03:09 Are faith and belief the same thing?

03:35 Since God is omnipresent, does He manifest His presence in Hell or does He keep His presence from there?

04:20 What is the gospel in one sentence?

04:37 What happened to the Steelers?

05:20 How are we to think of the imputed righteousness of the Lord?

06:55 How are you feeling these days?

07:45 Tell us about the insignia (Mallet of Luther) on your jacket?

08:50 Tell us a bit about Ligonier’s plans for the 500th anniversary?

09:55 Is there still space available on the tours in Prague?

10:33 Why such a big deal about the Reformation and anniversary this year?

11:25 In evangelism, how would you respond to someone who claims that they aren’t elect?

13:35 How do we as faithful ministers address the danger of antipathy toward the full counsel of the Word of God?

15:03 How important are creeds and confessions?

17:10 What are some encouraging words for young men pursuing missions?

18:50 What’s the difference between regeneration and conversion?

20:23 What is the one teaching from Dr. Sproul that impacted your thinking the most?

23:09 What is the reformed perspective concerning the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Saints?

27:50 Can a person be 100% sure of his or her salvation?

30:00 What are the different ways we reach our audience at Ligonier?

31:00 What did you learn from others like, Francis Schaeffer, about teaching and reaching students?

33:15 What was it that gave you the vision to pursue this season of Ligonier with RBC, etc.

35:10 What is the biggest issue we face in the church today?

36:31 In light of a postmodern society where truth is “relative”, is evangelism more difficult?

39:07 Do the Pittsburgh Pirates prove predestination?

40:55 How do you respond to someone who claims to be a Christian but asserts that there is no such thing as Hell?

43:40 What is the role of the civil magistrate?

45:20 How would you recommend one share the truth about the errors in Catholic doctrine without being rude or argumentative?

46:45 What would you say in response to the doctrine of baptismal regeneration?

49:00 How do we respond to the hyper-grace movement?

50:35 Why should a Christian study history?

52:25 I’m a Christian, but I don’t feel any different. I hear all these stories and testimonies who talk about how they feel different. Do I have to develop feelings that I don’t feel right now?

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