Steven Lawson: The Attributes of God – Part 1 – Introduction

Feel free to join the study “The Attributes of God” by Steven Lawson.

What are the Attributes of God?

– The Asity of God – The Spirituality of God
– The Sovereignty of God – The Holiness of God
– The Omnipresence of God – The immutability of God
– God’s Truthfulness – God’s Wisdom
– God’s Grace – God’s Love
– God’s Foreknowledge – God’s Wrath
– The Righteousness of God
  • These attributes show us how God is.
  • The first thing that comes to mind when we think of God is what defines us
    • It shapes how we see the world
    • It shapes how we live in the world
    • If shapes how we see ourselves
    • It shapes how we worship
  • A Low view of God leads to a shallow way of worship


The Relationship of the Attributes

  • Each attribute of God is equal true of every person in the trinity
    • What is true of the father is also true for the son and the spirit
    • All three are equally truthful, holy, wrathful, wise …

These Attributes are eternally permanent qualities of God

  • No attribute can be gained or lost (Asity)
  • God was equally loving in the OT as the NT same as the wrath
    • There is no diminishing in the AT or NT
  • God is the same God from eternity past to the eternity present

These Attributes are all diving connected

  • Each attribute is a part of the whole
  • His wrath is holy wrath; his love is holy love …
  • There is no division in God himself
  • “The Simplicity of God” – God cannot be divided into parts
    • Compared to us humans, we are “complex beings”
      • We have got different parts, arms, legs, ears, eyes,
    • God is “simple” in the sense, that there is no division or separation of his attributes and his being
  • Each attribute we ascribe to God applies to all
  • Each attribute is absolute perfect in his being

Why are they Important?

  • Transcended worship
    • The higher the knowledge of God, the higher the worship will be
    • Our theology drives or doxology
    • The word “glory”
      • Intrinsic glory
        • All the attributes of God revealed, we cannot increase it, it is him wo was, who is, and will be
        • All the perfection of the eternal God made known
      • Ascribed glory
        • Our response to the Intrinsic glory
        • A higher view of the Intrinsic Glory leads to a higher form of Ascribed glory – the proper response
      • We were made to worship God
    • Humble living
      • The pride crusher
      • To see God lifted up
      • 1 Cor. 15:10 – By the grace of God I am what I am …
      • John 15:5 – apart from me you can do nothing …
      • 1 John 1:5 – The closer you are to the light, the more you will see your imperfections
        • In the darkness you look fine to yourself
      • Spiritual maturity
        • The more we know about Him, the more we will mature
        • Knowledge of God increases holiness
        • 2 Cor. 3:18 – We become what we look at
        • The more we are focused on God, the more we will be like him
          • If we are focused on the world we will be like the world
        • Effective ministry
          • The more we know, the more we want to witness and teach others
        • Personal encouragement
          • The more we know Him the more we can trust him
          • Spurgeon: The sovereignty of God is his pillow where he laid his head on at night
        • Personal conversion
          • The knowledge of God is the first step into the kingdom of God
            • You need to know something about God to be conversed
              • Something about the Love, Grace, Wrath and holiness of God
              • John 10:14, John 17:3, Php. 3:8, 2Pe. 3:18,

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