James Anderson: What’s Your Worldview?


Overview and Notes:

  1. What Worldviews are
  • Philosophical view of the World
  • A view of the whole World, absolutely everything in it
  • All the big and fundamental questions
    • Where do we come from, where do we go, who am I …
  • Everyone has a worldview, but not everyone is aware of it
  • It is an essential part of our thoughts
  • Our worldview shapes our thoughts, experience and what we believe

2. Why Worldviews matter

a) It is a central and defining roll of our self and others

  • Foundation (Interpretation)
  • Framework (Response)

b) Developing an applying a Christian worldview is an essential part of our sanctification as believers, our growth in godliness and spiritual maturity

  • Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.’ – Matthew 22:37
    • Thinking the way God wants you to think
    • Thinking God’s thoughts after him
      • Don’t think as the world does, but like Christ

c) As Christians we are called by God not only to think in a Christian way our self, but also to engage with people who aren’t thinking in a Christian way; because we want to honor God and love our neighbors

  • For the sake of honoring truth and proclaiming the Gospel
  • Focus on the root of our differences
  • Engaging the worldview


3. How worldviews change

  • Conversion is also a change of worldview
  • Humans resist change
  • “Worldviews are like houses” – we get comfortable, used to them / it
  • It is hard for a person to change his or her worldview
  • The Holy Spirit might be pleased to use our pointers to change a person

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